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Sepulcher Ch. 1
She awoke with a start—or had she been awake from the start?  It'd felt like she'd been in the middle of taking a step, and only once her foot had firmly hit the ground had she been dragged fully back to consciousness.
“Where am I...?”
The grassy plain spread as far as she could see, cloven in half as it was by the wide dirt path she found herself walking down.  A gentle gust of wind sent her hair flickering into her view.  Raven black, with hints of dark blue highlights when the light hit it.  
But of course, her hair had always been that color.
“Something wrong?”
“Huh?” she hadn't even noticed that she'd stopped walking or that her companion had continued ahead of her.  “Oh, um... No.  No, I'm fine.  It's just....”  
Where were they?  Who was he?  Why were they traveling together?  What was the destination?
She looked back down the way they had apparently
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Character App. for Psychic Warfare
Name: Kyrene Lightfoot (real name: Lorelei Smythesson, military knowledge only)
Gender:  Female
Age:  25
Side:  Infected (undercover for military)
Rank:  Scout
Kinesis/Weapon(s):  Biokinesis (raven)
Abilities:  Can turn into a raven with armored feathers, razor-sharp claws, and speak almost like a regular human
Weaknesses:   Electricity, Ice, her feathers aren't strong enough to completely deflect bullets, and any portions of her body uncovered by them are vulnerable.
Human: Stands at 5' 7”, has jet-black shoulder-length and fairly unruly hair, although her bangs are usually pinned, slicked, or otherwise kept back and out of her face. Unusually strong for her appearance, although there are hints of muscles underneath her lightly tanned skin. Otherwise fairly nondescript save for her eyes, as they are hetero-chromatic. Her right eye is brown while her left is a bright blu
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Character App. for Psychic Warfare
Name: VII (“Seven”, real name unknown)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Side: Renegade
Kinesis: Ferrokinesis
Abilities: Her favorite use is to draw iron from other people's/animal's bloodstreams to either augment herself or her “sisters”, can manipulate large chunks of metal as projectiles
Weaknesses: Must be physically touching to draw iron, vulnerable to electricity due to her metal implants
Appearance: 5'5”, has pale and unhealthy looking skin due to avoiding the sun with long jet-black hair that has obviously been uncared for. Her curiously red eyes are either a by-product of her self-modifications or were there since birth. There are several pockets of metal visibly dispersed throughout her body. The backs of her hands, in particular, have a thin layer of armor that she has collected from her victims over the years. Her palms, however, remain unmodified.
Clothing: VII's outfit is cobbled together from her
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Character App. for Psychic Warfare
Name:  Katherine Steinmauer
Gender:  Female
Age:  29
Side:  Military
Rank: Captain
Kinesis/Weapon(s):  .9mm pistol, .300 caliber sniper rifle, sword
Abilities:  Skilled marksman, hand-to-hand combat, swordplay, horsemanship
Weakness:  Poor sight in left eye due to a battle injury
Physical:  5'9”, light-colored skin, golden-blonde hair that reaches her waist (usually tied back into a braid or ponytail), piercing blue eyes.  A multitude of scars from her past battles are scattered across her body, but the most noticeable is one that runs from her left jawline up to and across her left eye.
Military:  Traditional military grey-and-black fatigues with patches and rank signets.  If she is riding with the cavalry, her sword will be strapped to her belt for easy access.
Civilian:  Very rarely seen in ci
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KnM Lunar Symbol in perler beads by TheMajesticKagu KnM Lunar Symbol in perler beads :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 0 0 HiME mark bead coaster by TheMajesticKagu HiME mark bead coaster :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 2 4
Sepulcher - prologue
"Watch out for the tail!"
Poisonous spines pierced the dirt harmlessly as their intended target jumped deftly back. The beast, a full-grown manticore, let out a low death-rattle as the knight's sword moved back with the man. Though formidable, the manticore had stood little chance against this group of fighters.
"Dead already? Hmph. Stupid bastard should've put up a better fight if he's the strongest thing in this area. Maybe we shouldn't have cut off its wings at the very beginning…" The group's rogue unceremoniously kicked the corpse once. "Anyway, mageling, you needed tail spines, right? Grab 'em while they're fresh; the poison'll stay longer."
The youngest member rushed forward to complete his task. As the mage carefully removed the spines he needed with thickly-gloved hands, the knight cleaned and sheathed his sword.
"It was a good battle. Our veteran didn't even have to step in much to help out."
"Still too easy." The rogue grumbled, flex
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Siren of the Sea - Duran by TheMajesticKagu Siren of the Sea - Duran :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 3 7
The nightmares started when she accepted Kiyohime, so why…
The language being ground out was unfamiliar, but the message in those lime-green eyes glaring at her couldn't have been clearer.
Your fault.  This is your fault.
A feeling of disbelief swept over her.  The pale figure lying on the dirt of the forest floor was unconscious, right?  Sleeping, even?  That trail of blood oozing from the corner of her mouth didn't mean she was…
Did it?

Why didn't they stop once Kiyohime was gone?
Stop being reckless.
'How?  After so many iterations, how else was I supposed to protect her?'
Those caring, motherly violet eyes said nothing more, only offered sympathy and perhaps pity as she cradled the body of her dearest person to her chest and wept.

Cocksure and confident, emerald eyes—green as the forest her ancestral incarnate had died in—threw her a devil-may-care grin.
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Silent Hill in Winter 2 by TheMajesticKagu Silent Hill in Winter 2 :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 1 2 Silent Hill in Winter 1 by TheMajesticKagu Silent Hill in Winter 1 :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 0 1 Heroic Spirit KRUGER WIP by TheMajesticKagu Heroic Spirit KRUGER WIP :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 1 1
It wasn't enough.
It never was.
She egged her mistress on. 'One more. Come one, just one more. Only one more.'
What started with her led to another, and another. Summoning her youngest sisters wasn't enough. No, all of them were needed. She wanted all of them. Lady ANGE did her best. Despite the stress placed on her, she did her best, and the Seven Stakes of Purgatory were reunited at long last.
'What a wonderful job, Mistress! You brought them. You really brought them! Kyahaha!'
As the youngest Stakes celebrated, creating the chaos that naturally suited them, the eldest took note of their surroundings. The first thing they noticed was the state of their summoner. Sweat trickled along her fevered skin. The stress of supporting so many pieces of furniture after a decade of abandoning her training was immense and it showed on their mistress's face.
'Fool!' Satan, the third eldest, instantly berated Mammon. 'You idiot!'
'Lady ANGE shouldn't be working this hard in the beginning.' Be
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MU Logo Entry by TheMajesticKagu MU Logo Entry :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 2 8 Umineko OTP Sig by TheMajesticKagu Umineko OTP Sig :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 7 6 Shiznat Concept Sketch 3 of 3 by TheMajesticKagu Shiznat Concept Sketch 3 of 3 :iconthemajestickagu:TheMajesticKagu 1 3


I had a more recent journal up in here.

If anybody's been looking forward to ch. 1 of Sepulcher, it's been written almost two or three years after the fact.

I'll be putting it through editing when I wake up later and then I'll post eet.

I'm so excited youhavenoidea :v
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